SRA 2 StarsWe are very proud have received a 2-star raiting from the Sustainable Restaurant Association! The SRA is a non-profit organisation helping restaurants become more sustainable and diners make better choices when dining out. They also help diners identify those restaurants doing the right thing. So, whether a diner’s sustainability concerns are about sourcing, the environment or society, the SRA and its members are committed to a change for the better.

Rosa’s Thai Cafe recognises its responsibility to provide healthy and sustainable food to its customers. We believe it is our duty to ensure the impact of our business is as minimal as it can be and by working on the SRA’s three pillars of Sourcing, Environment and Society we feel that this can be achieved. Our intentions are set out below and are divided into the 14 key areas as defined by the Sustainable Restaurant association:

Ethical and responsible sourcing is at the foundation of a sustainable restaurant. We are committed to:

  • Buying locally and seasonally as much as possible to support UK producers and reduce environmental impacts associated with importing produce from abroad
  • Sourcing from farmers that are committed to high environmental standards
  • Purchasing high welfare meat and dairy, to help combat animal cruelty, protect the environment and promote healthier options to customers
  • Sourcing sustainable seafood to help reduce the negative impacts on fish stocks, protect our marine environment and give customers better seafood choices
  • Ensuring producers have access to a trade system based on justice and fairness by sourcing fairly traded food, drink and other products for our operations

Engaging with the community, treating people fairly and promoting healthy eating are at the core of our operations. We are committed to:

  • Ensuring our menus are well balanced, controlling portions and using healthier cooking methods whenever possible, as well as safely managing food.
  • Working closely with the community, being pro-active and promoting a positive and vibrant environment where people benefit from their goodwill, time and expertise
  • Treating our employees fairly, paying our suppliers on time and make sure our customers experience the highest levels of service
  • Responsibly making claims that are legal, decent, fair, honest, truthful and sensitive to the views of different groups in society

We look at the resources that our business consumes, from field to fork, and what happens to what’s left behind. We are committed to:

  • Operating a responsible attitude to our supply chain and use our purchasing power to affect positive economic, environmental and social change
  • Ensuring our energy usage is as efficient as possible so that resources are utilised better and associated environmental impacts are kept low
  • Using water wisely and monitoring our water systems, making sure they attend the highest possible standards
  • Managing our waste effectively so we can reduce, re-use and recycle where is possible
  • Making our workplace resources more sustainable to reduce our environmental impact

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