Rosa's Spitalfields – 12 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR – T: 020 7247 1093

Rosa’s Spitalfields is where it all began for us. We opened our first Thai restaurant here in June 2008 and began serving our signature dishes to a London crowd hungry for fresh Thai food with a modern twist.

Our Spitalfields cafe is perfectly placed between the bustling Brick Lane restaurants, galleries and shops, and the thriving Spitalfields market.

We’re closed for refurbishment from Monday March 6 until Friday March 10  dinner at 5pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

  • Authentic Thai food at Rosa's Thai Café in Spitafields
  • Seafood at Rosa's Thai Spitafields restaurant
  • Rosa's Thai Café - Thai restaurant in Spitafields


Sunday – Thursday 12 – 10.30pm
Friday – Saturday 12 – 11pm


For booking, orders or other inquiries
020 7247 1093

Thai Restaurants in Spitalfields

Rosa’s is named in memory of the English cafe that originally occupied the Spitalfields site and is now a regular haunt for food lovers. We kept the name Rosa’s so we could create a fusion of modern London and modern Bangkok, whist at the same time holding on to the very same cafe atmosphere that the original English cafe created years before.

This laid-back cafe atmosphere at Rosa’s Spitalfields means our customers can relax and enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of all the markets and restaurants Spitalfields has to offer, just a stone’s throw away from the action.


Rosa's Thai Cafe - the best Thai in Spitafields

Our Food at Rosa’s Spitalfields

Thai food is our passion. We have a rich and varied menu with recipes made from quality ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. We cook classic Thai dishes, such as green curry, pad Thai, som tam and pad kra prow with our own modern twist; something you won’t find in any of the nearby Brick Lane restaurants. In fact, with all the restaurants Spitalfields and the surrounding areas have to offer, Rosa’s Thai Cafe is the only place you’ll find Thai food in the area.

We don’t just provide fresh food; our Spitalfields restaurant serves a great selection of drinks too. We serve one of London’s favourite coffee blends; Monmouth Coffee, as well as some refreshing and delicate teas, including jasmine pearls and nokcha green tea. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter, try our bubble tea.

If you’re in a hurry or want to enjoy our food in your home, you can order from us using our Thai takeaway and delivery seven days a week.

We offer takeaway and delivery services from our Spitalfields restaurant for those of you within Central and West London. Please make sure you take a look at the postcodes on the delivery page to ensure we can deliver to you.

Rosa's Thai Cafe,

Rosa's Spitalfields, 12 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR

You can find a more detailed map of the Spitalfields area and directions of how to find our restaurants at our location page

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