Thai Aubergines

Thai Aubergines

Sometimes, the problem with cooking Thai food aboard is finding authentic ingredients. Thai aubergines are some of the most common vegetables in Thailand, but are hard to find in the UK.

Recently, a customer emailed me out of desperation; he wants to cook a Rosa’s Green Curry, but couldn’t find Thai aubergines or pea aubergines anywhere! What I recommen is to first try Loon Fung or New Loon Moon in Soho, or SeeWoo (the largest one) in Greenwich, or; you can often find them here. However, they aren’t always available as both aubergines are seasonal and have to be shipped over from Thailand. Not only do they not last very long, this doesn’t make make your bowl of Green Curry very sustainable. I would recommend using baby purple aubergines that you can find in any Western supermarkets, as these are softer than large ones and can achieve similar texture and flavour to using Thai aubergines.

It’s understandable that you would want to cook with the most authentic ingredients possible, but it’s hard to achieve this when we are so far from Thailand. I think as long as you make the curry paste from my recipe, using local aubergines won’t distract you too much from the flavour as a whole.

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