The Rosa’s Roadtrip: Part 2

Our next stage of Saiphin’s adventure takes us to the Huay Pai Market in Khao Koh, Petchabun. Saiphin has been coming here since her childhood. As a child she would get up at 5am to collect all the ingredients for the rest of the day for her family. Everything is grown organically and sold locally, with not much changing over the years.

We meet wonderful characters from Saiphin’s life, including the same shopkeeper who Saiphin has been buying her noodle ingredients from for 30 years. Setting up a noodle shop at the age of 14, this market has been everything to Saiphin. A trip to the market is for buying ingredients and catching up with old friends, it’s as if she is a Khao Koh celebrity…

Rosa's Roadtrip: Huay Pai Market in Khao Koh, Petchabun

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