Rosa’s Bottled Cocktails

We’re super excited to launch our very own pre-bottled cocktails! These meticulously crafted drinks were designed with scientific precisions by the biggest cocktail nerds, World of Zing. They are the flavours magicians!

The ingredients in each cocktail create a concoction of unique flavours, meant to be paired with Thai dishes.

Banana Tree Old Fashioned

For a Whisky Lover
Malt Banana Tree Old Fashioned (35% Abv)

Wind down with a digestive drink, after a meal packed full of flavours. Rich malt whisky with banana, caramel, vanilla and a subtle earthy spice of coriander on palate. Fresh green grass coriander and wood on nose.

A Zingy Goodness
Kaffir Lime and Mint Toreador (27% Abv)

Get your appetite going with this zingy fresh and robust citrus cocktail. A deep apricot and agave notes with soft fresh mint.

A Thai-Spicy Kick
Birdseye Clementine Daiquiri (23% Abv)

Pair this drink with a mild dish for a mind-bending experience! Subtle sweet Clementine with a fresh chilli spice and mild heat, balanced by turmeric  and vanilla wood  notes from the aged rum.

Ginger Lemongrass Fizz
Co Pi Pi
Blackberry Tamarind Rum Punch

A Thai Twist on a Classic
and Lemongrass Fizz (23% Abv)

Start your meal with a refreshing Thai-inspired Gin Fizz. Soft citric ginger zing with sweet and peppery basil notes, balanced by tart and floral juniper gin.

An Iconic Paradise
Co Pi Pi (23% Abv)

Ginger-infused Vodka with coconut lime and sea salt. Sweet agave and ginger notes with fresh coconut to lengthen and balance. A sweet reminder of a hot sunny day, sipping on coconut water on the beach.

A Brand New Start  
Blackberry And Tamarind Rum Punch (19% Abv)

For those who love sweet and sour cocktails. The subtle berry and citrus notes from tamarind liqueur are blended and balanced by wood and vanilla of rum and the sweet/floral honey and chamomile. 

Rosa's Cocktails
Rosa's Cocktails

Now that’s a perfect way to have a Thai meal, or start the weekend!

Available now at Rosa’s Thai Cafe.

Punky Patra

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