Rosa’s Art Exhibition 2015

In conjunction with South East Asian Art Festival (SEA ArtsFest) and with the support of our kind sponsor, Chang beer, we are hosting our very first Rosa’s Art Exhibition! A food and culture clash course, with three talented artists showcasing across our restaurants from October 26 – January 2016.

Here are some photos from the buzzing opening night on October 28!

First, we have Ittirawee Chotirawee. An abstract painter, based in London. His work embodies the whimsical, and often, darker aesthetics of our dreams and imaginations. He also works closely with the Thai artist networks in the UK, and has been an organiser of Thai-UK cultural exchange AIR (artist in residence) programmes since 2003.

A series of his work Untitled are on display at Rosa’s Carnaby.

I am trying to ‘feel’ something universal, to feed my imagination which I can use in my paintings…simultaneously I stand upon the ground, reversing the realistic elements that intertwine with my ideas.

Next is our in-house talent, Naurarat (aka Palm)! An experimental photographer by nature, her themes often revolve around human connections and alternate universes. With a background in Fashion Photography, her work is a perfect blend of our reality and fantasy.

She has created a new series of black and white photographs especially for this exhibition. The Picnic Ceremony is on display at Rosa’s Spitalfields.

[It is] a project celebrating Thai culinary culture and the intimacy of the traditional Thai way of life back before the social media boom in the past decade.

Last, but not least, is Ketna Patel. Having lived in South East Asia for over 20 years, Ketna has gained tremendous insights into SEA culture and politics, and this knowledge is expressed in her distinctive, and often satirical, graphics.

Selected pieces from the collection Asia POP! are on display at Rosa’s Soho and Angel.

I hope these reflect the spirit of how we are all interacting with each other, and how our collective histories and commonalities are coming together in new ways.

Hope you guys enjoy them! Don’t forget to give us a shout and hastag #rosasart #seaartsfest #changbeeruk

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Punky Patra

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