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They’re so cool, they’re on CNN!

First things first – Rosa’s is so honoured to be featured alongside GrowUp Urban Farm as part of a piece by CNN International! The crew from Transformations met up with GrowUp to learn more about farming inside industrial London. And to illustrate where the produce goes, they guys were kind enough to bring Rosa’s and Saiphin along to the filming! We’re ecstatic!

But wait, who are they?

GrowUp was founded in 2013 by Kate Hofman and Tom Webster, two vegetable lovers, who want to provide local markets with sustainable, locally-grown, fresh produce. They believe that aquaponics urban farming is the solution, especially for a crowded city like London. And that’s how they designed and built The GrowUp Box through funds raised from 300 support

Oscar one with the plant

What are they up to?
Two years on, and they are stronger than ever! GrowUp has just recently expanded, from their GrowUp Box on a rooftop in Stratford, to a brand new facility in Beckton, appropriately named Unit 84 With 6,000 square feet, these guys will be producing a whopping 20 tons of sustainable and delicious greens, as well as 4 tons of fish!

Not only are they producing lovely veggies and fishies, to promote community engagement, both Unit 84 and the GrowUp Box also serve as visitor centres, so anyone can learn more about sustainable urban farming!

GrowUp unit84
unit84 salads

Exciting Stuff! Tell me more…
To our knowledge, GrowUp is the first urban aquaponics farm in London to successfully grow Thai Basil and Holy Basil – just like those I find in my backyard in Thailand! Seriously, how brilliant is that! Read more about their amazing results here.

The holy basil is perfect when cooking up some delish dishes like crispy pork stir-fry in chilli basil sauce!

Thai Basil @ GrowUp
Baby Thai Basil

GrowUp is the one to look out for. They are well on their way to becoming London’s very best commercial urban farm!

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