“ If I’m trying to recreate a traditional Thai mango salad, what variety of mango would you recommend and where can I buy that in London? The mangoes I tasted in salads in Thailand when I was there last year were so different to anything I’ve tried in the UK, so I’m not sure where to start! ”

Ruth from London

Hi Ruth,

That’s a good question! The key is to find unripe mangoes (green), which is definitely challenging! As it’s a seasonal fruit in Asia, you can occasionally find them at Asian supermarkets throughout the UK. Alternatively, you can make them using unripe or semi-ripen Indian or South American mangoes (these are found at most corner shops). You can check out my recipe here or from p.38 of the Cookbook. You can see in this recipe, I used mangoes that have already gone slightly yellow, and it still tasted fabulously fresh and zingy.

Thai Mango Salad

This website provides everything you need to know about mangoes availability! However, this is not the most sustainable dish, as they have to be flown in from other countries, so I would recommend a careful planning of when to purchase the mangoes. Don’t forget to let me know how it goes!

Enjoy Cooking


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